Our Beginning

Terri Whetstone, Executive Director of the 4Cs Foundation imagined offering free art-making opportunities to people at a neighbourhood level during the summer.  Knowing that Halifax was a city with a passion for bicycles as a green transportation alternative and inspired by the ingenuity of people in developing countries to make the best (and imaginative) use of bicycles for transporting items, she envisioned a mobile community arts program of young artists on bicycles pulling colourful trailers full of art materials travelling to neighbourhoods throughout greater Halifax to make art with community members. 

Jesse Harrod (who like Terri, is an artist with a community development background) was hired to help make this vision a reality. From their collaboration, the ART BIKERS was created and launched in the late spring of 2007. 

Since then, over 4000 people - of all ages and abilities - have joined with the ART BIKERS making art in neighbourhood public spaces. The year  2014 marks the 8th anniversary of ART BIKERS. 

Bringing children, individuals, families and neighbours together to work side-by-side in arts-based activities fosters lasting connections between the participants and strengthens communities.  4Cs Foundation is proud of the contribution the ART BIKERS program has made to our community.

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