Thursday, May 21, 2020

A New Permanent Home at Wonder’neath

May 21, 2020          ~  For Immediate Release ~           Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada
Today the 4Cs Foundation with Wonder’neath Art Society is pleased to announce that the much-loved Art Bikers program has a new permanent home at Wonder’neath.

The Art Bikers program - a mobile bicycle and trailer based art program - was started by the 4Cs Foundation in 2007 to provide free art making opportunities in neighbourhoods and communities throughout HRM. Under the visionary leadership of artists Jesse Harrod and 4Cs Executive Director/Artist, Terri Whetstone the program was designed to provide arts programming
at a community level that broke down barriers and was accessible to all. Additionally, the program provided well-paid summer jobs to young artists and University students training them in arts-based community development and community work at the same time.

Over its thirteen-year history, Art Bikers has become well-known and deeply appreciated by the communities it serves.  More than 15,000 children, families and community members have taken part in art-making activities in their neighbourhoods and at special events and festivals.

In 2017, 4Cs Foundation entered into a management agreement with Wonder’neath Art Society for the ongoing delivery of the program on 4Cs behalf. Both parties held an interest in ensuring the Art Bikers program continued well into the future, and that led to discussions of a “transfer of ownership” of the program from 4Cs to Wonder’neath.

We are pleased to share with the public that this transfer is now complete with Wonder’neath Art Society committing to maintaining the legacy of this much-loved program and its delivery to the benefit of our communities.

This summer is the 14th summer of Art Bikers. As Covid-19 has called upon all of us to make adjustments to our lives, the program will be modified for safe practices this year. In the coming days, check Wonder’neath’s webpage for details and updates on the Art Bikers program.

4Cs Foundation wishes to express its gratitude to Jesse Harrod, all the Art Bikers staff over the years, and the many community participants of all ages who have made this program what it is. We know you celebrate its achievements with us. We also congratulate Wonder’neath Art Society for its commitment and vision to carry the Art Biker legacy forward.
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Terri Whetstone, Executive director 4Cs

Melissa Marr/Heather Wilkinson, Co-Artistic and Co-Executive Directors
Wonder’neath Art Society

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Thank you for following Art Bikers!

Art Bikers is a 4Cs Foundation legacy program. We are excited to begin Season 13, programming all over Halifax Regional Municipality in the summer of 2019!

We no longer use this site for updates, but please find a link to our new Art Bikers blog here:

We would love to hear your ideas and feedback! To contact us:

Call: 902-454-6860 (studio) or 782-234-5489 (mobile)



Art Bikers
c/o Wonder'neath Art Society
2891 Isleville Street
Halifax, NS
B3K 3X6

Are you interested in making a donation to support Art Bikers? 

Please follow this link:

Thank you for your support!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Art Bikers 2019: Now hiring! 4 positions!

Be part of the 4Cs Foundation legacy program! We are eager to share the details about our upcoming summer Art Bikers positions. For more information, please follow the link below. Deadlines are April 24th & 25th depending on the position.

If you do not have access to a hybrid bicycle, but are otherwise qualified, please apply and we will track down a bicycle for the summer. Questions: call 902-454-6860

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Season 12 Farewell!

Thank you to all the participants, supporters, and community organizations that worked with Art Bikers during the summer! We were thrilled to reunite with families and return to magical gardens and green spaces throughout the city! We were also delighted to meet new faces and make art together throughout the hot summer months! Thank you all! Stay tuned for more photos, recaps and sharing on the blog in the next week. 

As we wrap up this summer's program, we welcome your ideas, suggestions, photos and feedback year round! 

Wonder'neath Art Society was thrilled to be a part of the Art Bikers program for the second year in a row and we are deeply appreciative of the opportunity to work with 4Cs Foundation in support of this beautiful program. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Mural Repair at Bayers Westwood

Art Bikers are excited to be returning to the community of Bayers Westwood Friday, August 17th from 11:30am-3:30pm for mural repair work!  A fresh batch of paints have been sourced and mixed. Aprons, brushes, drop cloths and tools are all packed, and we can't wait to work together on this mural!

This will be Art Bikers last trip to Bayers Westwood drop by to say hi, or put on an old shirt and a sun hat and join us in brightening up this fabulous mural. All welcome! No painting experience necessary!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Schedule Change

We are concerned about the extreme heat/humidity and possibility of lightening on Thursday, August 16th. 


Instead of biking to the Pizza Oven in Dartmouth - where we were scheduled to be - the studio will be open from 2-4pm for Pizza bunting making! Add your favourite pizza toppings to our awesome pizza-themed bunting and then Art Bikers will deliver it to the Pizza Oven once it's done! The studio address is: 2891 Isleville Street, in north end Halifax.


Bayers Westwood mural repair on Friday, August 17th from 11:30-3:30.

Ardmore Park (at Almon and Oxford Street, Halifax) ...more cats! 
Saturday, August 18 from 11:30-3:30.

Last Visit to the Green in Fairview

Art Bikers will be visiting the Green today, Wednesday, August 15th from 11:30am - 3:30pm! It's the last visit of the summer to one of our favourite spots in the city! Please join us in making comics! At the request of folks at this location, we will be drawing and telling stories - both large scale and small scale in a collaborative book and a whole batch of mini comic books!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Welcome To This Place - a national art project

The Art Bikers team is excited to be joining community members, artists, and ISANS and Mabelle Arts for the Halifax launch of Welcome to this Place - a national art project. 
Please join us August 10 from 2-4pm for Cyanotype Printing (an historic contact print method using sun and natural objects!) at Glen Garden in Clayton Park. We'll be turning our prints into buttons and then joining in the picnic from 4-6pm. All welcome, free, interpreters on site!
For more information, check out these links or see contact details on the poster. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Pop Up at Mosaic Garden with ISANS and Garden Friends!

Art Bikers will be working alongside staff of ISANS at the Mosaic Garden August 8th from 12-3:15pm. The location of Mosaic Garden is 28 Willet Street in Fairview and there's lots of shelter if the weather is uncooperative!

Join Art Bikers and friends in making garden-inspired costumes and props to animate the ISANS garden parade later this season. All welcome: all ages, all levels of artistic experience. Free!

Late Season Schedule

Art Bikers have a busy second half of the season. Here are our locations until the end of our season on August 25th.

Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates pertaining to weather or last minute changes!

Check out the 4C's Foundation website for more info