Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day @ Fisherman's Cove

The weather was really on our side today! The sun was out the whole time we were hanging out at the Fisherman's Cove Canada Day festivities in Eastern Passage. We had two activities in mind when we got there, and each of them really developed into some great interactions: the octopus and the new Canadian flag.

Using a lot of similar techniques and approaches as our previous 'faces' project, we used paints and pastels to cover every piece of scrap wood that we brought. Once everything dried, we put everything together onto some long strips of wood that we used to shape the legs. The legs were attached to the octopus' head.

The sheet we had prepared for the sheet started out looking something like this (you can see just a few marks so far):

We used masking tape to make the outlines of the current Canadian flag. Once the tape was on the sheet, all we need to do was cover it with colours!

This was a great project to run alongside the octopus activity. If someone wanted to participate for a short while, they could use pastels to make a few marks in a few minutes and then continue on to other activities and attractions. Because the flag was a collaborative activity, no matter how much or how little someone contributed, the flag was better for it. A few people would come back again and again over the course of the day and they always commented on the great progress of the flag. The final reveal was documented in this video:

[sorry- we're having some technical difficulties with the video]

It's such a great sight to see the masked lines pop out of all the colours.

All of that sun also made for some great photos. Check it out!

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