Friday, September 2, 2011

Art Bikers join Youthnet Extravajam!

On August 30th, the Art Bikers joined the fun at YouthNet Extravajam! end-of-summer celebration, offering an "award" making booth where anyone could create an award for someone else.  A ceremonial podium with backdrop and artificial flowers set the stage for presentation photographs.

There was also a night time spectacle of the lanterns!

These were made in the North End Community Garden.


The Art Bikers joined YouthNet's Music week and spent an afternoon working with participants building instruments and being loud!
Martin + Jake

experimenting with intruments

The musical tree!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

3D Film-making!

On Wednesday July 27th we joined up with Youth Net during their Media Camp to do some filming in 3D as well as stop-film animation with the youngsters.  We are just editing the footage now, but here is a sneak peek!

We'll put the video up as soon as we're done, check back soon!

Youth Project!

The Art Bikers had such a fun time hanging out with the great people at Youth Project in preparation for the Pride Parade.  Thanks for having us, and congrats for winning 'best community float' in the parade!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Annual Newcomers Welcome BBQ

Saturday July 16th the Art Bikers brought their trailers of paint, fabric and other art making goodies to the Newcomer's Picnic held this year at the Commons.  People created banners with their answers to the question "What feels like home?"  Later we hung all the banners among a nice patch of trees by the picnic area creating a community-created installation that reflected many people's memories and aspirations regarding "home".

Thursday, July 7, 2011

26 km Time Lapse

Our 3 hour biking trip to Fisherman's cove compiled into 54 seconds.  We recommend viewing in high quality.

Fisherman's Cove Advice exchange from Art Bikers on Vimeo.

Poster Making

We recently worked with some youngsters through St. Geroge's YouthNet on poster making. The idea was for the kids to write a message to someone they knew in their community (such as a neighbour, their grandparents, a favourite teacher).  We then went together and wheat-glued the posters to the wall of St. Patrick's-Alexandra, which is unfortunately being closed as a neighbourhood school. This was a way to say good bye to the school and hello to those who would pass by and read the messages.

We've got a jam packed next two months.  Keep checking back for more fun stuff.

Fisherman's Cove July 1st Canada Day

Visiting Fisherman's Cove in Eastern Passage is an annual community art day for the Art Bikers. This year we took the Advice Exchange to the community, for people of all ages to share advice with one another.


The weekend of June 25th and 26th, the Art Bikers brought their community art-making  magic to the Point Pleasant Performance Series offered by Eyelevel Gallery. The only community arts activity at the event, people passing by or attending the performance series got involved with creating art and participated in ARC:HIVE- a gathering place of souvenirs, found photos, and maps collected and "manufactured" to inspire stories.  We provided participants with hand-sewn notebooks to draw and write in, and once they had filled their notebooks, they could show and talk about their work to the video camera in 'The Brain' - a suspended sculptural "room" could be entered and that housed a video camera.  We'll get that footage up soon!

'The Brain' a recording sculpture by Martin

Pile of notebooks made by Elizabeth, each one is different
Karen and Martin in the sunset.

Gettin' crafty.
Sharing stories 

Tons of great stuff was made + shared that day.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Check out the 4C's Foundation website for more info