Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Magic Day

The 16th was MAGIC DAY!! It was our first Monday at Ardmore Park, where we'll be every two weeks from now on. Everyone who came to do art with us turned out to have magical powers, so it worked out really well! First we made magic wands and tested out some spells (everyone knew lots of them)! Then we wrote down and illustrated our spells in spell books, and drew what our magical familiars would look like. Finally we were ready to test out some potions! Every wizard chose two magical ingredients, like Frog Spit and Beetle Eyes or Worm Guts and Diamond Dust, and mixed them together to create an explosive, bubbly, magic concoction!  ALAKAZAM!
Spells flying everywhere!

This wizard's familiar was a whale!

Magical potions!

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