Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bottle Cap Mural in Bayers Westwood

Bottle Cap Mural in Bayers Westwood

A major project this year was the creation of a community mural on McAlpine Ave in the Bayers Westwood community. This long, drab wall was uninspiring. Terri (the 4Cs director) had wanted to have the Art Bikers tackle this wall since year one of the program! We were determined to make it happen this summer – and it did! We worked with the residents to create a vibrant mural to brighten up this corner. So we...

… collected bottle caps all summer (thanks you 4Cs supporters who collected for us, as well) ...washed them all by hand... with the help of participants sorted the caps into colour coded tubs...had a planning day collecting imagery ideas from the community then took those ideas and combined them into a cohesive design...traced community participants in interesting positions and cut the shapes out of plywood...scraped chipping paint off the wall and prepped the outline...painted and painted more with help from local children and youth.... community participants filled the plywood figures with bottle cap patterns....painted and attached caps and painted and attached caps....had amazing fun... and voila!

Community members are so pleased with this mural and can't wait to see it grow in years to come!

Thank you to all the amazing participants and to our collectors of bottle caps!!
sorting caps...

tracing figures for the mural...

prepping the wall...

outline ready!

many helping hands!

a wonderfully busy community...

prepping the figures...

planning bottle cap patterns...

new skills!

media coverage...

planning figure placement...

finished in all its glory!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mask Making at Bayers Westwood

Mask Making at Bayers Westwood

Our main focus this summer in Bayers Westwood, was the big mural project, so we wanted to drop in another time before the end of summer to really sit down with the kids and make some art! We had an amazing day with the community and as you can see from the pics, made absolutely fantastic cardboard masks. The kids were really keen on spending the time to create elaborate constructions full of interesting details and they had lots of fun developing their character through play.

Switch Dartmouth

Switch Dartmouth 2013

Dartmouth held its first Switch event on the most lovely of days! The Art Bikers brought out the Angry Birds game one last time and also facilitated a bike/switch themed printmaking activity. Participants were able to take home their own printing plates and prints, but several left us with an additional print to contribute to our community poster, which we gave to Findlay Center as a momento. It was a pretty busy day, but we managed to snap a few photos!
set up at switch
brother and sister collaboration
printmaking techniques
abbey road?!

community collaboration for findlay center

fun with angry birds

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mad Hatter Tea Party!

Mad Hatter Tea Party!

It's time to talk of cabbages and kings!.....Or of Art Bikers and awesome community art projects!
The team arrived in character to Point Pleasant Park on a beautiful day and we encouraged the people of Halifax to follow us down the rabbit hole - to make giant tea cups and wonderland toadstools.
We read and acted out the storybook while participants listened and worked away, sharing laughs and solving riddles and making fun things!

Kite Making at ISIS Family Picnic

Kite Making at ISIS Family Picnic 

The friendly people at ISIS invited the Art Bikers to attend their annual Family Picnic, which focuses on providing ideas for projects and activities that families can do together at home.
This was the Art Bikers second project with this awesome community this summer. All of the kids are always excited and everyone is eager to participate.
We built kites and decorated them before running down the field trying to catch the wind to make them fly.
Our spirits, like the kites, soared to great heights!

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