Friday, April 19, 2013

Coming soon...Art Bikers 2013!

Coming soon...ART BIKERS 2013!
Thank you to all the amazing people who applied to be an Art Biker. We are grateful to have had so many talented people to meet. Creating a diverse and skilled team is always a complex process - but every organization should be this luckily to have a deep pool of gifted, talented and passionate candidates to choose from. We look forward to introducing you to the Art Bikers 2013 in May. 

Looking ahead to a few projects we are planning for this season, we are asking the our friends and supporters collect the following (clean) items: plastic bottle caps, coloured plastic bags (no beige bags), tin cans (clean, all sizes, labels removed) and bike wheels/rims/whole bikes (any size). 

Please drop off to our studio space at the 4Cs Foundation office, Suite 104, 5663 Cornwallis Street, or call us to make arrangements for us to come pick up your donations. 
Thank you and see you soon!

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