Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Advice Exchange!

Advice Exchange!

It ended up to be a beautiful day for Pride Parade this year and the Art Bikers took advantage of such a great crowd of people to present a fun and interactive advice exchange booth!
We asked for people to leave their best advice, and feel free to read what others had left and to take some advice that spoke to them. People of all ages really enjoyed browsing through the sage words of their fellow Haligonians! 
We managed to snap a few pictures...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Birds in Paradise!

Birds in Paradise at the Urban Farm of Spryfield!

It was a hot ride, but the beautiful destination was incredibly worth it! We set up in the serene setting of the Urban Farm after getting a great little tour from Kat (the coordinator there) and took a few breaths to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and to climb the amazing tree in which we were going to install our mobile. We taught participants a variety of origami bird patterns which we folded using 'waterproof' mylar that we had spraypainted in different colours and patterns. We also gathered twigs to paint as added natural elements and made hoops from branches found around the property. The components were installed among the branches of the tree, and although it was difficult to capture on camera, the result was so pretty. 
Thanks UFS, for a lovely evening and thanks everyone for coming out to participate!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wish You Were Here!

Wish You Were Here!
Art Postcard making at Fuller Terrace Park

We spend a really wonderful day at this lovely little park in the North End of Halifax happily making art postcards to send to someone special...it was a day of making connections!
The families here were so pleased to have us and encouraged us to please come back again soon! 
With our new friends, we made art postcards featuring our favorite places in the HRM and sent them to someone special explaining why we wished they were here. Our art was mailed in our magical postbox and sent off into the world! Will anyone write back?!?!

 stamping fun times!
 A favourite place!
 A wonderful little park!
 The big picture!
 Art postcard making
Wish you were here!

 Mailing in the magical postbox!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Creature Creations at Cornwallis Park

Creature Creations at Cornwallis Park

The first week of July marked the Art Bikers official launch party and we kicked things off with a 2 day project at Cornwallis Park downtown by the Westin/train station.
This was our first time at this park and found it to be a very pedestrian thoroughfare location, with local business people, sunbathers, traveler tourists, daycares, ESL students and day camps all passing through. We managed to entice more than a few to take part, creating whimsical contributions to our exquisite creatures, which became amazingly fantastical "stand in" panels that we left installed in the park for all to enjoy!

We really enjoyed meeting everyone who came by and we'd  like to encourage the folks of HRM to take the time to go see these funny characters and take a few photos! Tag us on Facebook so we can see!

The Sound of Ardmore

The Sound of Ardmore

The park was alive with the sound of music!
Our first project of the summer back at Ardmore park was a jam! We explored instrument making, playing together and recording sounds!
We built our own guitars, shakers, xylophones and drums out of recycled materials and found objects. Then we practiced playing them together using different rhythms and dynamics.
Our recordings are going to be made into a song available for all to hear! Coming soon!
Thanks to everybody who participated!

Check out the 4C's Foundation website for more info