Friday, July 5, 2013

Creature Creations at Cornwallis Park

Creature Creations at Cornwallis Park

The first week of July marked the Art Bikers official launch party and we kicked things off with a 2 day project at Cornwallis Park downtown by the Westin/train station.
This was our first time at this park and found it to be a very pedestrian thoroughfare location, with local business people, sunbathers, traveler tourists, daycares, ESL students and day camps all passing through. We managed to entice more than a few to take part, creating whimsical contributions to our exquisite creatures, which became amazingly fantastical "stand in" panels that we left installed in the park for all to enjoy!

We really enjoyed meeting everyone who came by and we'd  like to encourage the folks of HRM to take the time to go see these funny characters and take a few photos! Tag us on Facebook so we can see!

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