Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bike Decorating at Porters Lake

                                                        Bike Decorating at Porters Lake

The wonderful people of Porters Lake organized an incredible bike rally for the youth of this community and invited us to come and facilitate a bike and helmet decorating workshop. We originally were trying to follow there theme of "The Wild, Wild East", but as you can see, many different wild and wonderful creatures were created! We had a truly great afternoon with these families making magical creations and then going on a back woods bike trek!

 creation station!

 Sandy's seahorse

 Miss Meow!

Magical unicorn!

Photo Bomb!

 Final touches

Helmet design

Discussing options

 horses need a licence plate too!

 Horse power!


 A Killer whale!

Channeling the fish

 Adventure time!

Red Lobster

                                                                  Jacob is the shark

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