Saturday, August 29, 2015

Last Day of The Art Bikers

We had a wonderful summer working with all the different communities around Halifax and meeting so many amazing community members. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our activities and for all of your support.

Stilting and Bike Dome at the Commons

Yesterday was such a sunny and blissful day full of life, it was the perfect moment to have fun at the park! At The Commons, families and friends were involved making kites and flying them, collaborated with each other to help out on making a bike dome and lastly, everyone enjoyed trying out the stiltwalking activity that the team facilitated. It was such a wonderful turn out and a great day to be outside! smile emoticon

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Glen Gardens

Despite of a showery day yesterday, the community of Fairview participated on different art activities at Glen Garden - a community garden located on Glenforest. People passing by took part in screen printing on flags, paper kite making and a collaborative activity of installing bottled caps and small containers on wood and painting them. It was a fun afternoon with the cooler weather being countered by the warm positive energy that was shared while making art.

Mulgrave Park Garden Party

An afternoon full of excitement, creativity happened at Mulgrave Park last Sunday. With the the efforts of Progress In The Park, Mulgrave Park held a garden party to celebrate their awesome community garden. The community was involved in creative play and resourcefulness. The team decided to bring as much materials that they could and do a parade to be part of their celebration. Participants made amazing colorful dresses, puppets, cardboard costumes and masks and drums. It was a great day of art making, dancing, music, food and celebration.
Thank you Mulgrave Park for the magical time! 

heart emoticon

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bayers Westwood Puppet show

Had a really fun day working with the children from Bayers Westwood, we made puppets and two performances. It's amazing how creative these kids are with such simple materials.

Fairview "The Green"

Another fine day in Fairview where kids from the neighbourhood came to "The Green" and had time to play and be creative together. We decorated drums and played them; made costumes and made a toy theatre. The bike wheel dome was a great hang out zone where bracelet making and storytelling happened. What a wonderful place for Art Biker activities to happen!

Mulgrave Park

Mulgrave Park kids were into making art today by the garden! They participated in sewing, print making, and painting! Check out their creations! 

Check out the 4C's Foundation website for more info