Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Art Bikers 2015

The ART BIKERS team is hired! Training has started. We are excited to have Merle Hardy and Eric Diolola, both previously Art Bikers, return and to welcome Wil Brask and Evan Cameron to the Art Bikers team. 

Today is Day 3 of the training and right now the Art Bikers are busy collaborating on a "map" that  "fits together" the skills, talents and gifts each individual brings creating a cohesive and dynamic team portrait.  There's lots of chatting and laughter and tons of creativity filling the studio. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Almost ready to go!

The Art Bikers team will be starting work on May 11th. Our first month, as with other years, is a combination of in-studio training and experiential training in the community. 

Here's a few places you can meet us in the next month: 
On May 15th, 23rd and 29th the team will take part in Wonder'neath Open Studio You can join us there.

Or meet us on June 7th at SWITCH Dartmouth  

And stay tuned for our plans for our 100 in 1 Day Halifax intervention on June 6th

We'll be tweeting our schedule this year. You can follow us on Twitter @artbikersteam 
And of course on Facebook, too

Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

Art Bikers and friends at SWITCH Dartmouth 2014

Check out the 4C's Foundation website for more info