Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Silly Faces and Fence Decorations at Ardmore Park

Art Bikers were welcomed back to Ardmore Park by community residents to continue the fence decorations (Silly Faces in other years). The fence has become a kind of "living mural" over the last few years.  We are thrilled this community enjoys creating community art  together and that we are invited back. Check out the photos of some of this year's additions to the fence. Thank you, Ardmore residents! 

Printing Postcards at the Africville Reunion

We joined in the amazing Africville Reunion at Seaview park with lots of materials for participants to make postcards. We are grateful to have been part of a really wonderful community event and love all the art that was made and shared. 

Youth Project Pride Decorations

The Art Bikers were happy to return to The Youth Project yesterday to helped create awesome props for their candy-themed float for the PRIDE parade.  We were overwhelmed with the warmth and energy that the Youth Project shared with us. It was a great day of creating community & connections through art. Happy PRIDE to everyone!

Veith House Summer Camp

It was a first time activity for us to work with the kids at the Veith House summer camp and we liked this opportunity to create together with other residents of Veith House (the location of our studio this summer). The focus of the activity was exploring ways and materials to make different textures. It was great spending a creative afternoon with the campers! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Bayers Westwood Parade Building

Art Bikers have been spending time in the  Bayers Westwood community since our very first summer in 2007. We are always excited to return and see how old friends have grown over the winter and to meet the "new kids". This visit we all worked on building props, musical instruments, stilts, and costumes for a parade. Together we also made a giant creature named "Jeff" that the kids could walk under. The kids were so inventive -  they were inspiring for us all! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Nature Weaving and Water Lanscapes at Chocolate Lake

Being at Chocloate Lake is fun, but making art at Chocolate Lake is even better! Art Bikers arrived with some bicycle rims, art materials, pop caps, and weaving materials. It didn't take long for participants to come up with all kinds of fun ways to creatively use the materials. The waterwheels made from bike rims were a creative piece of engineering. (Science and art working together in a way that seemed only about fun!) 

Nature weaving is always a big hit and on this day was a relaxing break from the sun in a more shaded part of the park. 

What a beautiful, art-filled, day!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bayers Westwood Cardboard Creations

We had an awesome last couple days at Bayers Westwood. The kids are so creative and made lots of really inventive masks as well as a spaceship, make up dresser, superhero costumes, a cow, and an alligator - all out of cardboard!  

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