Thursday, May 21, 2020

A New Permanent Home at Wonder’neath

May 21, 2020          ~  For Immediate Release ~           Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada
Today the 4Cs Foundation with Wonder’neath Art Society is pleased to announce that the much-loved Art Bikers program has a new permanent home at Wonder’neath.

The Art Bikers program - a mobile bicycle and trailer based art program - was started by the 4Cs Foundation in 2007 to provide free art making opportunities in neighbourhoods and communities throughout HRM. Under the visionary leadership of artists Jesse Harrod and 4Cs Executive Director/Artist, Terri Whetstone the program was designed to provide arts programming
at a community level that broke down barriers and was accessible to all. Additionally, the program provided well-paid summer jobs to young artists and University students training them in arts-based community development and community work at the same time.

Over its thirteen-year history, Art Bikers has become well-known and deeply appreciated by the communities it serves.  More than 15,000 children, families and community members have taken part in art-making activities in their neighbourhoods and at special events and festivals.

In 2017, 4Cs Foundation entered into a management agreement with Wonder’neath Art Society for the ongoing delivery of the program on 4Cs behalf. Both parties held an interest in ensuring the Art Bikers program continued well into the future, and that led to discussions of a “transfer of ownership” of the program from 4Cs to Wonder’neath.

We are pleased to share with the public that this transfer is now complete with Wonder’neath Art Society committing to maintaining the legacy of this much-loved program and its delivery to the benefit of our communities.

This summer is the 14th summer of Art Bikers. As Covid-19 has called upon all of us to make adjustments to our lives, the program will be modified for safe practices this year. In the coming days, check Wonder’neath’s webpage for details and updates on the Art Bikers program.

4Cs Foundation wishes to express its gratitude to Jesse Harrod, all the Art Bikers staff over the years, and the many community participants of all ages who have made this program what it is. We know you celebrate its achievements with us. We also congratulate Wonder’neath Art Society for its commitment and vision to carry the Art Biker legacy forward.
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Terri Whetstone, Executive director 4Cs

Melissa Marr/Heather Wilkinson, Co-Artistic and Co-Executive Directors
Wonder’neath Art Society

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