What Is the Art Bikers Program?


The Art Bikers program is a mobile community arts program created for the 4Cs Foundation in late 2006 and 2007 by two artists with community development and social justice work backgrounds, Terri Whetstone and Jesse Harrod.

The design of the program is rooted in community and arts-based community development principles. The program was established within the 4Cs Foundation’s mandate which is to foster creative connections between children and their communities in Halifax, NS.

Principles of arts-based community development along with the 4Cs mandate provide the framework and are the heart of the program. The Art Bikers program centers children in its activities and program, while working with all ages in the community.

The Art Bikers program was developed to address two needs within the 4Cs Foundation:
·      to build an understanding and appreciation of community arts as a tool of social change.
·      to train artists to become community arts facilitators.

The program is equally intended to address barriers to participation and engagement with the arts by removing systemic socio-economic and socio-psychological barriers.

Art Bikers was launched in the late spring of 2007 with Jesse Harrod at the helm as the Program Coordinator.  The program has been offered every May through August since then and has facilitated creative art activities with over 5000 children, youth and others in their neighbourhoods and at community events. 

The Art Bikers team are trained community arts facilitators equipped with bicycles and trailers full of art making materials who travel to neighbourhoods throughout Halifax. Upon arriving at a community site (usually a park or other "green" space) the team set up and facilitate collaborative, art activities with the public. No registration is necessary - participation is entirely voluntary. The program is free of charge and open to all ages and all abilities.  

1.    To provide creative and engaging opportunities for community members of all ages to enjoy and connect through art-making.

2.    To make Art an event that happens at a street, neighbourhood and community level.

3.    To stimulate interest and participation in Community Arts and Arts-based Community Development in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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